Water Soluble NPK
(Nitrogen – Phosphorus - Potassium) Fertilizer:

Nitrogen (N)

Main source of protein. Nitrogen helps formatting leaf and stem, causing higher yield and plant health.

Phosphorus (P2O5)

Acts in the photosynthesis breathing, storage, energy transference, division, and cellular extension. Plays very important role in flowering, root growth, seed growth, and fruit formation.

Potassium (K2O)

Increases quality, taste, aroma, and color. Enhances root development, increases immunity and resistance to water stress.

Our 100% water soluble crystalline NPK fertilizers are ideal for foliar application and drip irrigation system. A properly managed application can result in –

  • High crop quality and maximum yields
  • Less crop disease
  • Lower water consumption
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less usage of fertilizer and chemical


We can offer various custom-made NPK ratios according to customer requirements. Some of our most commonly produced NPK ratios are….

NPK 21-21-21 NPK 20-20-20 NPK 19-19-19 NPK 18-18-18 NPK 15-30-15 NPK 15-15-30
NPK 28-14-14 NPK 13-40-13 NPK 05-35-35 NPK 10-52-10 NPK 10-45-10 NPK 15-05-30
NPK 12-36-12 NPK 10-40-10 NPK 10-05-40 NPK 16-08-24 NPK 15-15-15 NPK 18-09-27
NPK 10-10-40 NPK 20-10-20 NPK 09-36-18 NPK 12-06-36 NPK 10-30-30 NPK 30-10-10


All the NPK ratios are available with or without Trace Elements (TE).

Different colors are available.
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